Why do tourists and locals alike flock to this jewel of the Mayan Riviera?

July 24, 2024

Why do tourists and locals alike flock to this jewel of the Mayan Riviera?

Published at : July 24, 2024

When I came to know this magical place last year, I felt something special, an energy like no other and as a Canadian and British Columbian, the open green spaces admittedly reminded me a little of home. As I breathed in the oxygenated air from the Mayan jungle and nearby Caribbean Sea, the salty breeze blowing through my hair and  bright, blinding sunbeams warming me to the core of my being, I rode my bike steadfastly in anticipation of the picturesque scenery that unfolded with every turn of the pedals. I had rented this gem from my nearby, quaint and elegant Tulum condo in Aldea Zama that I had booked for a few days from Airbnb. As the majestic sunrises and sunsets left me in awe, I was touched by a kind of magic that put me in a trans; a meditative state so to speak. Having travelled extensively and lived in Latin America for over 15 years, this is without a doubt, one of my favourite spots.

If you are looking for a pristine environment and a kind of reprieve from the hustle and bustle of busy commercial centres and yet, a kind of haute living with a twist of boho chic, this is your place in the Mexican Caribbean! Aldea Zama, an open community inviting both permanent residents and visitors to enjoy superior services and exceptional living standards. It is located within walking or biking distance to the beach and minutes from the archaeological zone of Tulum as well as Sian Ka’an’s Biosphere Reserve. Under the municipality of Tulum’s Urban Development plan which commenced in 2006 and will continue until 2030, the planned integration of the community with the existing population of Tulum proper will take place. Aldea Zama will eventually serve as a model city in the coming year. 

What’s behind the exotic and quasi regal name, Aldea Zama? Tulum’s former name was actually Zama, meaning “dawn,” which is very fitting bearing in mind its eastern location. The significance of Aldea in the Spanish language is pueblo or village. Imagine watching the sunrise from your Tulum condo in your awe inspiring village, surrounded by the Mayan jungle while sipping your americano? Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?
The majestic tranquil white-sand beaches of Tulum are merely one of the Riviera Maya’s main attractions. However, this is not the only outstanding feature of pristine living that offers an array of richness in terms of culture, art, history, gastronomy, healthy lifestyle and green spaces. Forbes Magazine reported a 76% increase in tourism to the area in 2016 and it continues to increase exponentially. With millions of tourists flocking to the Mayan ruins, bike riding in the hotel zone and enjoying the majestic sunsets, it is no wonder that Tulum has become a hotspot for tourists all around the world. There are thousands of options when it comes to purchasing property in this incredible area that is ripe for development. In a nutshell, here are five principal reasons to invest in Tulum, the jewel of the Mayan Riviera: 

1.) Timing

As the saying goes: timing is of the essence and in real estate, it’s all about timing and frankly, this could not be a better moment to seize this gold mine investment opportunity! With an 80-90 percent occupancy rate all year round, Tulum has become a hot spot for celebrities and tourists alike. In addition, Forbes Magazine has deemed Mexico a safe bet for investment. Forbes global economic specialist Sara Zervos describes the market as, “mostly predictable and rarely volatile.”  

2.) Steady Return on Investment and Equity Gains  

Thanks to the attention that Tulum has been receiving over the past few years, the high seasons throughout 2016 and 2017 resulted in a 100% occupancy rate. This period includes Christmas, New Year, Easter and Spring Break. January through April had an 87% occupancy, while the rest of the year there was a steady 68% occupancy. According to the Riviera Maya News, there was an average occupancy of 81 percent in the area’s nearly 43,000 hotel rooms. During the same period in 2017, the average was 83.4 percent. However, this last number has been on the rise over the past year. In fact, authorities reported a 7.3% increase in international visitors over the 2018 summer season in the Riviera Maya. For investors, these numbers are great news. Dedicated vacation rental owners saw general annual net returns of approximately 8%.  

3.) Wellness and Eco-Conscious Market

The demographic of tourists that are drawn to Tulum is very unique and namely, sophisticated individuals who are ecologically conscious. The community responds well to the needs of these individuals thanks to its many activities such as yoga, temazcal rituals, fine food restaurants, organic stores and unique culinary experiences. With top-rated restaurants in the vicinity such as The New York Time’s acclaimed Hartwood and Noma, Tulum is rapidly evolving in to an eco-luxury destination for those looking for ‘a chill’ yet glamorous experience. When you invest in Tulum, you are opening accommodation opportunities to a vast market looking for new experiences, adventures and lifestyles. 

4.) Low-Density and Eco-Friendly Developments  

Tulum has adapted rapidly to the eco-friendly trends by building more natural-based developments and making use of renewable energy. Fortunately, the new model of construction in Tulum is set by eco-friendly communities with plenty of green areas. Authorities only permit developers and owners to construct on 40% of their lots, thereby leaving 60% of the natural surroundings intact. The result is a very natural environment with plenty of lush jungle and vegetation. Of course, luxury residences are not sacrificed in doing this. Prime examples of such communities are Luum Zama or Aldea Zama where you can find developments which abide by these standards when it comes to architectural design. They introduce locally-sourced and natural material offering products with a very low carbon print, but with high-quality design and construction. 

5.) Location

Clearly, this is the most obvious reason to invest in the jewel of the Riviera Maya. As the saying goes, “Location! Location!” and there is no better place to invest in Mexico. Evidently, Tulum is surrounded by natural wonders and if you’re a lover of the outdoors and everything ‘au naturel’ yet trendy and ‘boho chic’ if you will, this is the place for you. Some of its many attractions include hundreds of cenotes (watering holes) waiting to be discovered, the Mayan ruins overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters and the Sian Ka’an biosphere to observe all types of wildlife. Furthermore, Tulum is in close proximity to renowned adventure parks such as Xcaret and Xelha. With endless activities at your fingertips, investing in Tulum is a sure bet that you will be making an excellent return on your investment.

By Leah T. Sakata


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