About us

Our Story isn’t much
Different than Yours.
The idea behind Zisla all started with a chance encounter.

While in her office one day, Zisla’s founder and CEO, Shaheen Lambert, heard someone speaking Spanish. She quickly identified the dialect as having been spoken by someone from Mexico. Curious, she ventured out of her quiet office to find the owner of the voice.

It belonged to a colleague that had just travelled from Mexico City. That person was in search of a Canadian representative for their newest real estate project in Cancun. Shaheen ended up taking on the project, was immediately hooked, and never looked back.

What originally started as a single transaction has now blossomed to well over 100 real estate projects, thanks in no small part to the contributions of Zisla's President Yannick Cloutier and VP of Marketing David Favreau.

Ultimately, Zisla was founded with a simple goal in mind: to help people realize that owning property in Mexico was not an impossible dream. Through their collective love of Mexico and real estate knowledge, the Zisla team has already helped hundreds of clients turn their tropical dreams into a tangible reality.
Our founders
Shaheen Lambert
Shaheen loves Mexico, its people, and its culture. Having spent much of the last ten years travelling to the country and exploring all it has to offer, she can often be found at the beach working on her laptop. When she’s not on her computer she’s on her bicycle moving from project to project helping clients, perhaps enjoying a few too many tacos in between!

Shaheen's professional experience includes a solid background in international real estate, and she continues to expand and consolidate her knowledge to this day. She has earned multiple recent accreditations including the Global Property Specialist certification from Keller Williams and the Certified International Property Specialist title, making her an expert resource in the field of international real estate
Yannick Cloutier
Yannick is our beloved CEO. His father owned and operated an import/export company in the 1970s, and as a result Yannick has been involved in the Mexican business community from a young age. He knows how to close deals in the country, and nothing gives him more pleasure than negotiating the best possible deals for our clients.Yannick is a well-rounded individual that brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a successful track record of over 400 North American commercial real estate transactions under his belt, Yannick has played a crucial role in deals worth over $600 million dollars during his tenure. On top of his extensive sales experience, Yannick is also a developer on a number of projects, including ones involving condo towers, apartment buildings, and townhouses.
David Favreau
We all have a soft spot for our VP of marketing. Not only does he have a huge brain, he also has an amazing way of making everything both fun and interesting. When he isn't bringing the most recent updates and highest-quality projects to our community, you’ll find him outdoors, indulging his undeniable love for nature. But don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance - David is a marketing powerhouse in his own right. He has an impressive track record and was specifically brought on board to help Zisla outperform the competition in both the customer service and marketing outreach arenas.
Our Values
We want our clients to feel as knowledgeable and comfortable with the process as we do, because they deserve a smooth and enjoyable experience!
We are real estate professionals, and we act accordingly. We demonstrate our commitment to our craft with our responsibility, dependability, honesty and strong ethical values.
Our actions are lead by honesty and truthfulness. We stand behind what we say and deliver consistent results.
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