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Zisla is a group of brokers from Canada and Mexico who dedicate themselves in helping local and international buyers purchasing a property for sale in Mexico. As an independent company, we work hard to provide you with some extremely trustable resources, insightful knowledge and a unique accessibility to a thriving Mexican real estate market. Whatever your dream Mexican property looks like, we’ll make sure that you secure your investment by the means of our highest service standards.

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We’re simply working in your best interest to make the whole purchasing process much simpler. Let’s find your deam home for sale in Mexico. Contact us today !

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner own real estate in Mexico?

Absolutely! The key distinction in the buying process is the use of a trust/fideicomiso or a corporation. It is required to acquire property or land in the Restricted Zone. The restricted zone is 100 km from the border with another country and 50km from the coastline.

Why is the use of a fideicomiso or a corporation required?


What is the buying process of new construction?


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