Tulum in Constant Growth: Real Estate Investors Celebrate Another Win

February 18, 2022

Tulum in Constant Growth: Real Estate Investors Celebrate Another Win

Published at : February 18, 2022

Tulum is nestled between lush jungles on one side and white sandy beaches on the other. Along with access to Mayan ruins and a luxurious but somehow low-key nightlife, both residents and real estate investors know how lucky they are to live in paradise, just a few kilometers inland from the crystal-clear coastlines of the Riviera Maya.


In fact, anyone that has experienced the beauty of this particular Caribbean hotspot as a resident knows they’ve invested their money well. Want proof of this steady and consistent economic growth? Look no further than the recent extension of Kukulkan Road!


New Coastline Access Boosts Local Property Values

One of nine upcoming 4km connectors, the Kukulkan Road extension was finally approved in April of 2021 after many years of legal wrangling. This construction will be a fantastic boom to the area, solving mobility problems for residents, visitors and emergency services alike. 


The widening of Kukulkan Avenue in Tulum has not only made it much more convenient for residents to get to the beach and reduced travel time for both workers and visitors heading to the Hotel Zone by relieving traffic on the Tulum-Boca Paila road. 


With two entrances and exits, the move has also helped decongest the current levels of traffic along the beach itself, while also linking many areas to the coastline for the first time.

Raising Community and Real Estate Values



Because the nine connectors will link the coastal road from El Tábano in the south to Casa Malca in the north, this move will start raising real estate prices all around the immediate area. In fact, anyone that decided to invest in property in La Veleta, Holistika, Region 8 or Region 15 over the last decade will be especially happy with their newfound access to the coast!


The extension and widening of Kukulkan Road also fulfills the longstanding desires of citizens that have been calling for just such an effort. By combining local government action with coordination within the local business community, the government of the municipality of Tulum is showing its citizens it is willing to think ahead by investing in their common future. 


These investments are necessary to meet the growing needs of this area, and are a sign to residents that they should be confident in their responsive, business-friendly local government. By creating the conditions for success, this kind of infrastructure investment will pay dividends for years to come, particularly if you’re a property investor. 


Infrastructure Investments Makes Paradise Even Better


Clearly, the local municipality and the local business community are interested in investing in the area. And where roads are built, businesses and new homes follow. The extension of Kukulkan Road represents a huge profit-making opportunity over the next few years. 

For those that are eager to learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to live in a city like Tulum, reach out to the experts at Zisla to help you find your little slice of paradise. They helped hundreds connect with a property they loved, whether it was a beachfront condo with a gym and indoor parking, or a larger home nearer to the center of town.


Real Estate Profits: What’s Hot in the Area

Properties in Zone 15 in Tulum are now much more coveted, as overnight they have gained some of the best beach access in the area. Property prices are on the rise, and Zone 15 is now one of the most coveted sections in Tulum! Other properties (including those in Adora, Aruna and Solemn) are also incredible opportunities to discover. 


So how can you get in touch with someone that knows the local market? Who can help demystify the process of buying property in Mexico as a foreigner? Zisla, of course! They know that in Tulum, the sky’s the limit, and real estate investment opportunities are everywhere. 


The area gets more valuable every year, and the increased density will only bring with it more restaurants, shops, boutiques and culture. There’s no time to lose!


If you’ve decided to melt away the stresses in your life by moving to Tulum so you can prosper and grow in the beautiful sunshine, then it’s time to start your research. Check out our condos in Tulum, or speak to one of our team members at 1-877-515-ISLA (4752) or [email protected].


As a reputable real estate group that knows the Mexico real estate market well, we can help connect you with your dream home in Mexico sooner than you think!


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