El Tren Maya and what it means for the real estate in the Yucatan Peninsula

February 10, 2022

El Tren Maya and what it means for the real estate in the Yucatan Peninsula

Published at : February 10, 2022

After being announced in 2019, the Mayan train has officially started construction despite COVID-19. Set to inaugurate in 2023, it will change the mexican real estate especially in the towns where it will stop ,among others, allowing seamless travelling between the Cancun and Mérida international airports and the major tourist hubs such as 

  • Playa del Carmen
  • Tulum 
  • Palenque 
  • And more

Operating at more than 200 km/h it will drastically decrease transit time making cities like Tulum, Mahahual and Bacalar even more attractive for your next holidays, stimulating at the same time a real estate market that was already doing great, and making the east coast of Mexico even more desirable!

The Mayan Train: a quick overview of the project


The Tren Maya Tsímin K’áak, or Mayan Train project launched in 2019 is officially underway and the construction of the first segments have started in May and June. 


The first fives segments are set to inaugurate in 2023, in 28 months to be more precise. The train will have 3 vocations, passenger train for long distance rides, short distance rides and a cargo train.


It will provide its users top of the line amenities, wifi on board, bathrooms, air conditioning, security cameras and will be fully accessible to disabled passengers. It will become much easier for all travelers to get to their favorite destination. Two of the main stations are located near the international airports of Cancun and Merida and will, in some cases, accelerate by 30% the time to reach your destination.


The Mayan train will connect five states together, Campeche, Yucatán, Chiapas, Tabascos and Quintana Roo with more than 1000 km of rails both for passenger trains and cargo. 


Mayen Tren route:


Maya Train route map displaying main stops


The economic impact of the Mayan Train : Real estate growth


Generally speaking, a new transport route detonates multiple development nodes that improves the real estate cycle of these areas. It is expected to generate a greater flow of investments , a new housing scheme, and greater real estate liquidity, benefitting home and condo owners and future buyers.


Leonardo Tejeda, an economist, has performed comprehensive research on the details of this project. He’s also analyzed the impact the train will have on local realty and house prices. He said, “this railroad will have a significant regional impact, which influences the complete mix of real estate and development projects of its original-destination cities. Generally, a new transport route equates to an improvement in the real estate cycle of these areas.” 


Tejeda further explained how this project will impact the overall economic health of these regions. “The project is generating great expectations of regional development, and we expect a greater flow of investments, a new housing scheme, and stronger real estate liquidity. In total, the railway should improve the pace and transactional quality of these cities in terms of real estate growth.”


The imminent arrival of the Tren Maya in Mexico is set to have a positive impact on the Yucatan’s real estate and desirability of condos and homes further south on the coast. The increased accessibility of these areas will certainly generate an increase in housing prices and put a smile on a lot of investors and homeowners face in the 5 states that the train will travel through. Do not miss your chance and explore our condos for sale in Mexico.


Making Cities More Accessible


 Tren Maya impact

The start of the construction of the train has had a tremendous impact already, especially on markets that are south of Tulum. The line Tulum-Carrillo will enable tourists to reach the popular Instagram spot of Bacalar and the diving Mecca of Mahahual in under half the time it would by car. Easier access to the cities also means more tourists and the need for more lodging. 


New projects will start building, creating an economic boost and more employment in the region, driving the value of the neighborhood up. These locations will become more and more desirable as the second phase of the train will be underway setting for a 2024 inauguration date.


Tourist Attractions


Close to the path of the train are major tourist attractions such as the Tulum Ruins, Chichén Itzá and some of the most stunning archaeological sites of Palenque. There are hopes that the Mayan Train will usher in a new golden age of the Mexican travel train.


The Construction


Divided in 5 construction segments, rehabilitating existing infrastructure and building new railway, all of these have already started construction and are well underway


  • Palenque-Escárcega (228 km)
  • Escárcega-Campeche (235 km)
  • Campeche-Mérida (172 km)
  • Merida-cancun (206 km)
  • Cancun-Tulum (135 km)


All will be completed by the end of 2023. Following are the two remaining segments, closing the loop:


  • Tulum-Carrillo Puerto
  • Carrillo Puerto-Escárcega 


 Set to be finished by 2024 and helping to connect the rural communities to the big cities, facilitating  access to jobs in the tourism industry to their respective communities.



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