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Singular Joy Residence Hotel

US $ 468 990
HOA Fees : To be determined
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year
1 - 2
Property type :
2 Units
US $ 468 990
HOA Fees : To be determined
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year
Singular Joy Residence Hotel
City : Playa del Carmen
Province : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico

Services and Amenities

Hotel Services
Reception Desk/Lobby
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Mural Air Conditioning

Level plan

Property description

It’s very simple: Your residence and hotel business, ALL IN ONE. This business model allows our investors to acquire a property where they can stay while on vacation or rent out as a hotel room while they’re not using it. This is a NON-RISK, GUARANTEED investment with an important RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI). Our hotels are specifically designed with modern services and amenities that rival those of any luxury hotel.

What makes Singular Residence Hotels unique?
PRICE: This business model is specifically designed to maximize our clients’ ROI while ensuring their satisfaction (and their guests’) at the best market price.
CONCEPT: A unique concept with a privileged location and an unbeatable price.
BENEFIT: Thanks to our concept, design, business model and location, we can offer the best benefits compared to other nearby condos.
LOCATION ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE: Mexico is the sixth-most-visited tourist destination in the world and Playa del Carmen one of its main attractions. Surrounded by endless beauty in a city where accommodation is always at its highest demand and where every tourist wants to be: near bars, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, Fifth Avenue and the beach. The high season is almost a year long: nine months to be exact.
FLEXIBILITY: You can use your property whenever you want. Singular Residence Hotels will operate at 100% capacity, allowing you to be part of a successful industry that offers average occupancy rates of more than 90% per year.

ZERO RISK GUARANTEE: We can guarantee a loss-free investment in your annual operating return, thanks to our property management system. Singular Residence Hotels will offer first class services such as bar, restaurant, room service, bellboy, concierge and laundry. You’ll have a hotel suite with an additional kitchen, living room and beautiful balcony.
SINGULAR is a “turnkey” project: in other words, you only have to worry about packing your luggage since we’ll give you your apartment fully furnished and equipped. We offer units with a lock-off option, where you can split your apartment in two so you can use or rent each part separately. Your investment will be taken care of by our highly qualified staff, whose experience in hotel
management covers more than 30 years in this popular destination. Do you need more reasons?

Inventory Singular Joy Residence Hotel

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Floor 2
2131212.77 ft²33US $ 499 950available
Floor 3
Last update : Jul 11, 2022

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