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Casa 4 Elements-0
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Casa 4 Elements-0
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Casa 4 Elements

US $ 378 000
From : US $ XXX.XX / m²
HOA Fees : US $ 0 / m²
Yearly Taxes: 0.5% of the property value
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1 - 3
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6 Units
US $ 378 000
From : US $ XXX.XX / m²
HOA Fees : US $ 0 / m²
Yearly Taxes: 0.5% of the property value
Casa 4 Elements
City : Tulum
State : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico

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Lookout Tower
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Security Cameras
Pluvial Water System
Solar Panels
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Property description

In each project I seek to recite a poem, stimulate the senses, create living architecture that is committed to nature.
How can we coexist with her?
The ‘4 ELEMENTS HOUSE’ was born from the idea of reclaiming the concept of living through the purest of elements: WATER, FIRE, EARTH, AND AIR. “As within, so without.” Everything is connected. To blur the limits that separate and  isolate us from nature. Generating an open feeling.

For its construction, techniques were considered that give autonomy to the community. That is, each space within the ‘4 ELEMENTS HOUSE’ is designed with local and regional materials, adopting ancestral techniques and elements such as construction with chukum and Mayan stone. Thus achieving an architecture that procures the use of our natural resources, sun, wind, rain and vegetation. Finally, this house emerges to propose new ways to appropriate the space, giving another meaning to what it means to live more connected, that is, to live more consciously, to be present and happy in this world.

Each action can reflect who we are, what we feel, how we receive guidance and where we are headed. The 4 Elements House is the reflection of our relationship with nature, as part of a whole, as an equal. We allow the 4 elements to direct our needs, remembering that which is vital, that which urges us to wake up each morning and to feel alive with every sunset. This architecture represents the cycle of life, the autonomy of the setting, allowing the earth to offer
us its natural resources, a design based on ancient regional techniques and materials, such as the use of Mayan stone. All the elements play a very special role, one where the proposition is simple, living connected with the most essential.

The 4 Elements House is designed around a pool from which the spaces are articulated, maintaining a direct relationship with each corner of the home; this makes the house feel more spacious and a pleasant microclimate is generated.
In this residence the lines are clean, the color palette is soft, with peaceful views of the vegetation. A design that seeks nothing more than to be an extension of nature’s own simplicity, with architecture that revolves around the landscape.
Three volumes make up this house, 4 elements guide its features: fire, water, air, and earth. This residence allows us to investigate new ways of designing and conceiving the space. A true eco-technology laboratory, located in the Mayan jungle, a place that invites us to uphold a constant connection with the outside. A fire pit that reminds us of the importance of our ancestors, a place where closeness to fire helps us connect with the beings we love the most, to open a space for introspection or transmutation of our feelings.

4 Elements House has an open living, dining and kitchen area; a space that plays with the air, whilst captivating us with its earthy finishes; a perfect fusion that ensures a source of natural light that diffuses through ample open spaces.

The bedroom, a space with its own plunge pool that invites new ways of inhabiting this room, with touches of sensuality and calm tonalities; evoking a feeling of mysticism and intimacy that only the Mayan jungle offers. A place where
we bare our souls and embrace the enlightenment imbued by the magnificence that surrounds us.

The bathroom, a place thought of with emotion and substance ... a story created with rammed earth, where the zenithal light permeates the shower creating an atmosphere of subtle sensuality.

Each element has a distinctive energy and when we achieve a balance between all of them, a state of total harmony is created. 4 Elements House is a refuge inspired by the connection between these, a space designed to connect with the essential, with Mother Nature and hence with our inner being.

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