Phase 1 - Delivery:
Jul 24
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Porto Blu

US $ 240 000
HOA Fees : 29 MX $/sq²
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year
1 - 2
2 - 3
Property type :
30 Units
US $ 240 000
HOA Fees : 29 MX $/sq²
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year
Porto Blu
City : Puerto Morelos
Province : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico

Services and Amenities

Bicycle Parking
Reception Desk/Lobby
Wet Bar


Controlled Access
Beach front
Hotel Administration
Outdoor parking

Level plan


Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5Option 6
At Signing30 %50 %100 %30 %50 %70 %
During Construction70 %50 %----
Discount3 %5 %9 %-3 %7 %

Property description

Puerto Morelos, a natural setting between the sea and the sky. 

With a unique personality, this authentic fishing village is located a few minutes away from Cancun, in The Mexican Caribbean paradise. The laid-back, bohemian, and relaxed ambiance of Puerto Morelos, allows you to connect with the simplicity of its people. It is also an adventure destination in which wonderful natural attractions such as mangroves, cenotes, and exuberant jungles will captivate you. 

The rhythm of the world is changing and now, luxury is experienced with all the senses.

The “slow food” movement, consisting of enjoying every meal, from its preparation to slow consumption and the after-dinner talk is becoming everyone’s favorite... enjoying every second of your life is now a lifestyle. Blu Puerto Morelos Elite Condos is a concrete proposal to change the rhythm in which we inhabit this world, in order to step aside from urban life and get closer to nature and the
Mayan culture. Imagine making memorable moments out of the ordinary life, right next to your loved ones. Reading that book, listening to that one song, feeling your feet on the smooth warm sand, and living in the moment. That is... Beach Slow living.

Located in the heart of Puerto Morelos, with a unique view of the Caribbean sea, Blu Puerto Morelos Elite Condos is made up of 30 exclusive apartments within walking distance to the beach and downtown Puerto Morelos.

An innovative proposal of apartments ranging from 84m2 to 198m2, with terraces available to enjoy the privileged view of the Caribbean sea, prime amenities, and luxury finishes. The spectacular infinity pool, pool bar, parking lot for cars and bicycles, access
control, and lobby all within a tropical setting makes Blu Puerto Morelos Elite Condos a unique opportunity in the area.

Inventory Porto Blu

Phase 1 - Jul 2024

Porto Blu

Floor 1
102385.35 ft²12US $ 272 000sold
103385.35 ft²12US $ 295 000available
106385.35 ft²12US $ 295 000available
107385.35 ft²12US $ 320 000available
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
Last update : Sep 16, 2022

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