Buying a Vacation Home in Mexico

May 26, 2024

Buying a Vacation Home in Mexico

Published at : May 26, 2024

For many, the idea of living in the warm Caribbean climate is a dream scenario.

It's not hard to understand why! Access to beautiful, sandy beaches and plenty of year-round sunshine is a tempting idea to consider, particularly if you live somewhere with cold and unforgiving winters. Not only that, but sometimes adventure calls, and traveling to a new location in order to explore a vast and vibrant cultural community is a hard idea to resist.

However, the dream of buying real estate somewhere in Mexico - whether it's used as a vacation home, a semi-permanent winter getaway, an investment property, or some combination of all three - remains just that, a dream. But this doesn't have to be the case. As a matter of fact, it's never been easier to get connected with a prime piece of property in Mexico!

Whether you're interested in buying a vacation home on the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo, or buying real estate in the Yucatan region, there is an ideal place in Mexico for everyone.  With gorgeous options available all over the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond, you're almost guaranteed to find the property you've always dreamed of owning - if you know where to look!

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Live the Dream with Mexico Real Estate

If you've always wanted to explore your real estate options in Mexico, now is a great time to start dreaming big.

And when it comes to Mexico real estate, there is no shortage of material to dream about! With ideal property locations spread across the entire country, there is real estate available for every taste and budget. That said, if you're going to really get out there and live the Mexico property dream, you'll need an ally on your side.

An ideal property-procuring partner is one that treats your dreams with the same excitement and enthusiasm that you do; one that can easily answer your legal or financial questions; one that is eager to walk you through all of your options so that you can find the Mexico real estate that's absolutely perfect for you.

When you're ready to take the plunge and make your dream a reality, Zisla is the team you can trust to get the job done. They see themselves as dream enablers, and their main priority is always to help their clients achieve their property goals. When it comes to real estate companies specializing in Mexican real estate, Zisla is at the top of the pack. 

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Turn Far-Off Goals Into Tangible Realities

Turning real estate dreams into realities is a great business, and Zisla does this in a number of different ways. 

Understanding the Process

One of the most important ways Zisla facilitates the purchase of a home in Mexico is by helping potential investors feel comfortable with and understand the process. In their experience, Zisla found that it was this uncertainty that acted as the main roadblock for investors on the journey to owning property in Mexico.

Providing a Great Selection

Another way Zisla makes it easy to turn property dreams into realities is by having access to the largest inventory of real estate and investment properties in Mexico. In fact,  besides quelling the apprehension felt by some buyers, Zisla's diverse real estate portfolio is the primary reason why they are such a valuable partner and ally. In your quest to find the best possible houses for sale in Mexico, they offer you more options at a greater number of price points than anyone else can.

Offering Top-Tier Customer Service

Along with a deep understanding of the property-purchasing process and a great real estate selection to choose from, Zisla also helps their clients with a hands-on approach to customer service. When buyers have questions, Zisla brings accurate information and clear-cut answers with a smile. After all, why let simple unanswered questions slow you down when a little information is all the confidence some buyers need to take a definitive step?

Exceeding Expectations Every Year

With such a diverse portfolio, years of experience in the field and hundreds of satisfied customers, working with Zisla will help you to exceed your own expectations, no matter how high you've set the bar. The Mexico real estate market has never been hotter, and the quality of the properties available for purchase have never been more diverse.

But still, even with so many upsides, people still hesitate to make a move on the vacation home of their dreams because of unanswered questions. So, in an effort to help you decide if now is the right time to buy property in Mexico, we've put together a short list of commonly-asked questions to help smooth the way.

Can a Foreigner Buy a House in Mexico?

Yes they can! In 1973, Mexico passed what was called the Foreign Investment Law. This law allowed non-Mexicans to buy property anywhere in Mexico, except for anywhere within 100 miles of the border and within 50 miles of any of Mexico's coastlines. These areas were restricted.

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In 1993 a further amendment was added so that foreigners could purchase land and property within the restricted areas near the coastlines and border. They could do so through what is called a Fideicomiso.

What is a Fideicomiso?

A fideicomiso is essentially a bank trust. This system is sanctioned by the Mexican government and secured by Mexico's central bank, and through this setup, foreign buyers can, through a fideicomiso, have the Bank of Mexico legally hold the property title on their behalf.

These property trusts are renewable on 50-terms, and the beneficiary of the trust (the foreign buyer) has all the rights commonly enjoyed by a Mexican owner. The property cannot be sold by the bank without the buyer's written consent, and through a fideicomiso, a foreign buyer can own multiple properties, will the property to their heirs, and sell the trust to another buyer. 

Owning property through a fideicomiso includes a setup cost and a yearly maintenance fee if between $500-$700 USD.

Can I Buy Land or Property in Restricted Areas Through a Corporation?

Yes. Foreign buyers can own land or property through a corporation, and that corporation doesn't necessarily need to be Mexican - it can be 100% foreign-owned. You would want to exercise this option if you are buying strictly for investment or business purposes (e.g. if you planned on subdividing and developing land). However, doing so would also require you to abide by reporting requirements and expose you to other restrictions, depending on the case. 

Where Can I Buy Vacation Homes in Mexico with Zisla?

There is a vacation home for everyone south of the border. And buying Mexico real estate has never been easier. Zisla has property offerings in the following regions in Quintana Roo, listed from south to north along the Riviera Maya:

  • Mahahaul
  • Tulumlogo Zisla
  • Chemuyil
  • Akumal
  • Puerto Aventuras
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Puerto Morelos
  • Cancun
  • Holbox

And that's not all! For anyone interested in buying property in Mexico's Yucatan Region (the northwestern part of the Yucatan Peninsula), there are also vacation homes for sale in Chelem (only a 45-minute drive north of Merida) as well as San Crisanto, which is located an hour's drive east of Chelem.

For more answers to the most frequently asked questions, visit Zisla's FAQ page for more information, or simply give them a call through their Contact Us page. They're always happy to help!

Buying Property Has Never Been Easier

You've been working hard your whole life. Now is the time to start enjoying some of the benefits of that hard labour. With the experts at Zisla by your side, you'll be able to find yourself the vacation home or investment property in Mexico that you've always wanted, so why wait?

Check out Zisla's map of listings today!


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