Building a House in Tulum: Construction Costs

October 1, 2021

Building a House in Tulum: Construction Costs

Published at : October 1, 2021

Building your dream home is a decision that no one takes lightly. It requires thought, research, and planning to create the space you imagine for yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things you need to consider whether you want to build a beachfront house in Tulum, build condo in Tulum or even buy any home of your choice.

Cost of Building a Property in Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is a great place to build your new home. The cost to build a house in Tulum is only 1/3 of what they would elsewhere! That's because there are so many factors that go into determining how much it costs, and not all homes have similar construction. For a basic, three-bedroom house with no closets included, you can get one for about $45,000 (which goes up depending on the desired finishes). This means inexpensive housing is possible here, but you have to know where to look and what to expect from the builder.
On the other hand, if you want to build a beachfront house in Tulum or build a condo in Tulum, the cost will depend on what standard you want it to be and whether or not you choose to have a construction company build the entire property for you. That being said, before deciding where to build your new home, consider its location carefully.

Low Cost of Labour

In Tulum, you can hire a skilled worker for as low as 200-600 pesos to do anything your heart desires. With the average labour cost to build house Tulum so cheap and most affordable in North American, it's no wonder why everyone wants their piece of the pie. It's a perfect time to invest in this part of Mexico, given its popularity and growing economy.

Local Ecology and Low-Density Construction Guidelines 

The enchanting town of Tulum has a unique ecosystem that should be respected. To protect the environment, there are limits on ground cover and height in construction with regards to preserving trees. Tulum's Low-density construction guidelines are based on respect for the local ecology. The ground cover limit is 30-50%. This includes trees, grasses, and other plants such as cacti that can grow in this region. Height limits include buildings no taller than 4 floors plus rooftop (under the tree line).
Tulum has a unique ecosystem that should be respected. In order to protect the environment, there are limits on ground cover and height in construction with regards to preserving trees. Due to the classification of land as well as a low-density construction guideline, this town is not only a paradise for adventure seekers but also for real estate investors.

Great quality house with a clean and modern look using cement finish

The rise of bare walls and cement finish has been a trend for some time, but many people are unaware that this is not just an aesthetic choice. It provides low-cost buildings with high design value because it allows designers to use locally sourced materials which translates into a unique look. This is the best way to save money and enjoy one of the most popular materials for finishing a house without high construction cost in Tulum.
Building a Tulum-style home is not only easy, modern, and affordable, but it's also the perfect solution if you're looking to have an open space with minimalistic qualities. The polished concrete floors and little tile usage make this type of design very aesthetically pleasing as well, just what your dream house needs!

The cost of building materials for houses in Tulum is also quite low as cement and steel are abundant in the area. Builders pay only a third of what they would if they had to import them from other states, so it's easy to save money here! This makes construction affordable for practically anyone who is looking to build their dream home.
For example, you can see how much money you can save by building a bare wall house (with cement finish) compared to a traditional wall home. Such cheap building materials will allow you to have the house of your dreams without breaking the bank!

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We deal with buying land as well as providing an all-in-one construction service. We also offer pre-sale of both custom homes and turnkey-ready properties to make your life easy. Whether you want to build condo in Tulum, build beachfront house in Tulum, or any home of your choice, we are an experienced team of professionals who will make you feel at ease if you choose to build a house in Tulum, Mexico. We have local knowledge and resources that every foreign investor needs when building or buying property abroad. Our goal is to help people achieve their dreams of homeownership, and we believe the best way to succeed in this market is with honesty, transparency, and customer service.


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