An Extraordinary Hideaway in the Mayan Riviera: Mayakoba City

May 23, 2024

An Extraordinary Hideaway in the Mayan Riviera: Mayakoba City

Published at : May 23, 2024

There is an extraordinary hideaway, a jungle paradise that is part of a fully planned residential community of 409 hectares that was constructed to respond to the rapid growth of the real estate market in the Riviera Maya in the last decade. As a born and raised Vancouverite, environmental preservation and sustainability are foremost when seeking out potential buying opportunities in Mexico. The lack of green spaces in Playa del Carmen has frankly taken a lot of getting used to and thus, when I first laid eyes on this beauty during a real estate tour, I was awestruck and amazed! 


Ciudad Mayakoba : Condos for you

If you’re also currently looking for buying opportunities in Mexico, whose added value will increase for years to come due to its incredible amenities and superb location, Ciudad Mayakoba is the place for you.

  • Located in Playa del Carmen a mere 60 kilometers from Cancun
  • 45 kilometers from the Cancun airport
  • 6 kilometers from the center of Playa del Carmen
  • With convenient access from the Cancun-Tulum Federal Highway

Who could ask for more? The most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya are also found in its vicinity making it very well sought after. The designer of this groundbreaking project is architect Dennis Sheridan who is behind some of the best Four Seasons Hotel establishments in the world. In my humble opinion, Ciudad de Mayakoba could very well be the best place to buy in Mexico.
Exotic and affordable

I had always thought of this grand community to be very exclusive and only reachable by the huber rich. However, my preconceived notions were incorrect and it became apparent very quickly that there is something for everyone in this brilliantly planned piece of paradise. The 10 hectares of green areas are impressive as well as the quantity and variety of homes available that cater to distinct tastes and budgets.
Unlike other residential neighbourhoods each dwelling has its own private oasis. The whole theme of living in harmony with nature was apparent with bird feeders strategically located amidst the foliage and their melodic sounds, welcoming us to this dreamy refuge. 


Developing community

There will be some outstanding amenities that will become an integral part of the community. One such marvel is the WinPenny School and will extend over 4,7 hectares and will offer education from kindergarten through high school. It is a cutting-edge educational institution that will offer international certifications, and will be available to the entire Riviera Maya community in a multicultural and inclusive environment.

Another impressive integrative project is the WELLMEDIC Health Centers. The most innovative medical center in Latin America which will carry out the first medical tourism cluster in Playa del Carmen, on a plot of 8,500 m2. Located on the main boulevard of Ciudad Mayakoba, Wellmedic will be a point of reference for medical tourism in the region.

Without a doubt, Ciudad Mayakoba Health Center will become a point of reference in the integral development of Playa del Carmen as a city and of the entire Riviera Maya as a whole.


La Ceiba: Modernity and naturalistic surrondings

With respect to the unique property developments characteristic of la Ciudad Mayakoba, I had the opportunity to check out La Ceiba and received a very comprehensive tour at the office and showroom. This is a very cool development taking the whole concept of the perfect balance between modern design, naturalistic surroundings and fabulous amenities. I was impressed by the particular attention to detail and high quality construction that became apparent in the individual showrooms. This is definitely a property on my radar for potential purchase and offerings to Canadian clients. Buying a home in Mexico in this particular development is an excellent option.

Two buildings and lots of amenities

Ceiba will house 881 apartments with two to four bedrooms, between approximately 95 and 136 m² For the convenience of its residents the complex will be divided into sets of two buildings. Each will have:

  • its own lobby
  • meeting
  • recreation area: gym, pool, palapa and a common roof garden

The project adheres to the integral design and conservation philosophy of Ciudad Mayakoba, so the lot will be surrounded by a green belt of 19,000 m² of nature reserve and another 24,000 m² of conservation area, that extends to approximately 112,000 m². 


Altos : sublime experience

I additionally had a fabulous tour of Altos, one of the highest vertical projects in the Riviera Maya, which will offer unique panoramic views, of the jungle and the Caribbean Sea. The condominium will offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments which can best be described as a sublime experience between urban and rural. This is a truly unique project in Playa del Carmen that combines:

  • intelligent urbanism
  • modernity
  • natural surroundings of the Riviera Maya

Again if you’re thinking of buying a home in Mexico this is another recommended option.

At the end of the tour, we traversed to the other sector of Mayakoba which includes the spectacular Fairmont Mayakoba, Banyan Tree and a unique village called “El Pueblito” that hosts a farmers market, cooking school, quaint restaurants and exclusive boutiques and where we ate some delicious tostadas.
This comprehensive community is second to none and definitively offers in my humble opinion, the best investment value in Playa del Carmen that will continue to have added value for years to come. 

By Leah T. Sakata


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