How Aldea Zama’s Real Estate is Affected by its New Road to the Beach

October 20, 2022

How Aldea Zama’s Real Estate is Affected by its New Road to the Beach

Published at : October 20, 2022

Aldea Zama is already an attractive neighbourhood of Tulum for tourists and investors alike because of its well planned infrastructures, its luxurious properties and its convenient location. The neighbourhood is also home to a number of convenient amenities, including restaurants, shops, and hotels. Tourists appreciate Aldea Zama's close proximity to the Tulum Archaeological Site, one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations.


Nestled between the jungle and the sea, Aldea Zama offers visitors a chance to experience both the natural wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula and the cultural highlights of the Mayan Riviera. However, getting to the beach was always more challenging than it seemed when staying in Aldea Zama particularly during peak tourist season. With no direct access, people staying in Aldea Zama had to take a detour to reach the main road. However this is a thing of the past with the city investing in new infrastructure to make accessing the beach easier. A direct access to the beach is coming for the neighbourhood of Aldea Zama.



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On the plans, the new infrastructure is the road in brown. Connecting the neighbourhood to the hotel zone next to the coast.


A new road to the beach in Aldea Zama


It's no secret that infrastructure investments are important for any city or neighbourhood. Not only do they create jobs during the construction process, but they also have the potential to revitalise an area and make it more attractive to visitors and investors alike. 


This is exactly what we are seeing happen in Tulum. The construction of a new road to the beach is already underway and is projected by local sources to be completed at the end of September 2022. The progress that has been made thus far is promising.


Here's a satellite image taken a few months ago. We can see that the construction was already ongoing. Tulum is growing so fast that the platform Google map isn't able to be up to date with new roads opening.


This investment is sure to make the neighbourhood more popular with tourists, which will in turn lead to an increase in demand for short-term rentals.


The construction of this new road is a much-needed improvement for the Tulum area. Currently, the only roads leading to the beach are narrow and can be congested at some times, which can make getting to and from the beach a time-consuming and frustrating experience. The new road will alleviate these traffic problems and make it easier for people to enjoy all that Tulum has to offer. 


This is good news for investors who are considering putting their money into Tulum real estate. With the influx of tourists that is sure to come with the completion of the new road, now is a great time to get involved in the Tulum rental market. Not only will you be able to capitalise on the increased demand, but you'll also be investing in an area that is only going to grow more popular in the years to come. 


Aldea Zama Real Estate


The construction of a new road to the beach in Tulum is an exciting development for both residents and tourists alike. This new road will provide faster and easier access to the beach, making it easier for people to enjoy all that Tulum has to offer. If you're thinking about investing in Aldea Zama’s real estate, this is definitely a project to keep an eye on!


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Parques Zama is another very exciting project being built in Aldea Zama. The project will eventually consist of 141 units spread out in 5 buildings. Amenities will include a co-working area, fitness center, pools, kids playing area and green spaces.

Most of the first three phases of the project have already sold out and construction is well underway. The fourth phase is now available for pre-sale and the first units are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2023. Prices start at $130,000 USD for a one bedroom unit and go up to $370,000 USD for a penthouse three bedroom unit.


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