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Green Dream Tulum - Casa Olas

US $ 341 200
HOA Fees : 0 $/sq²
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year

Green Dream Tulum - Casa Olas

1 - 5
1.5 - 5.5
Property type :
US $ 341 200
HOA Fees : 0 $/sq²
Taxes: $ 100 - us $ 500/ year
Green Dream Tulum - Casa Olas
City : Tulum
Province : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico



Services and Amenities

BBQ Area
Gated Community
Playground Area
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Controlled Access


Option 1
At Signing50 %
At Delivery50 %
At Deeding-

Property description

At Love Tulum Eco Developments we aim to create spaces

so that the environments in which we live are healthy, comfortable and in harmony with nature. The bioconstruction techniques used are based in natural and local materials such as bamboo produced in Mexico, the harvested wood
sustainable, the land, lime and water that allow us create living habitats, giving us the opportunity to flow with nature and create healthy spaces for those who inhabit them. A fractal repeats a pattern with the same shape in different scales. In nature we find fractals in the clouds, in the mountains, in the cenotes and in the snowflakes, to name a few examples. In fractal architecture it is possible to capture the technique that allows us to expand and connect our home with the nature that surrounds us, this, with the aim of harmonize with the environment and follow a natural flow of life. We draw on sacred geometry to create patterns of design that blend with nature. The walls are built under  construction systems parametric bamboo with earth and lime finishes that allow to conceive organic forms of waves that are integrated to a continuous movement and the path of the wind of the Mayan Jungle. The tensile strength of bamboo is compared to that of steel, has the goodness to bend and flex much sooner that it can be broken achieving a solid, organic and sustainable structure. The roof is built with a parametric system of bamboo fiber and cococrete finish (fiber paste coconut, lime, sand, 3% cement and ash). Durability and quality are guaranteed thanks to a finish with waterproof paint and impercaucho a waterproofing made with recycled tires.
Casa Hongos allows an organic flow between inside and outside, giving us the feeling of a non-existent border to create a single environment.


To improve our relationship with the nature, human beings must to guide our thoughts positive and nourish the soul through observation.

This is achieved at Casa Hongos since spaces are designed with lines of flight into the jungle and spaces open that allow a life full of sensations.

An architecture of LIFE gives us peace, is a refuge and a guide to feed the creative energy, a place in harmony with nature manages to vibrate in love as human being, as a family. The movement, the forms, their elements and inhabitants are part of the work of art called Selva Maya, same as Casa Mushrooms frame from within to live in full and constant admiration. It consists of private spaces but also groups that allow living in community for the creation of a better planet.

Each room has a view to the outside that invites reflection, this, without losing privacy. Casa Hongos is designed with curved geometries that come and go, like the waves of the sea, allowing a feeling of lightness, as if our home will float...With sapote wood and bamboo, a tower of 12mts of height that will allow to appreciate the natural wealth that we have in Tulum and at at the same time value and care for it. Observing the majesty of the Selva Maya we will be aware of the place where we have been invited to live.

From the height we can connect with peace and flow positively before life, vibrate differently and achieve inspiration so that, like a fractal, we can replicate this architecture of life with others. 

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