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Boho Cabin

US $ 268 000
From : US $ XXX.XX / m²
HOA Fees : US $ 0 / m²
Yearly Taxes: 0.5% of the property value
1 - 3
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6 Units
US $ 268 000
From : US $ XXX.XX / m²
HOA Fees : US $ 0 / m²
Yearly Taxes: 0.5% of the property value
Boho Cabin
City : Tulum
State : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico

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Property description

KUYABEH is an eco-sustainable community, with 375 hectares designed to preserve and protect the jungle. Permeable roads, the use of clean energy, green common areas, the use of natural resources from the region for the construction
of homes, and the participation of the local peoples through their know-how, make Kuyabeh, a magical place come true. To leave the smallest possible footprint is our goal, and to achieve this, clean energies are used to preserve and care for the natural resources that are needed to live in harmony within Kuyabeh, thereby reaching a balance. We do this through teaching the entire community to live more sincerely and in accordance with our principles.

Kuyabeh is located on km 34 of the Tulum - Cobá tourist corridor in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, 25 minutes from the town of Tulum and 10 minutes from the Cobá archeological ruins. Tulum is an ancient ecological town, world
famous for being home to beautiful, pristine white sand beaches, Mayan ruins with pyramids and ancient archeological sites, natural reserves with clear blue water cenotes as well as world class international cuisine and ambiance.

The intention behind Kuyabeh is to create a community where harmony is achieved between people, nature, and construction. We want to offer Kuyabeh landowners a place to live where the ecological impact is the least possible, we want to serve as an example for future generations and we want to promote our ethics through our commitment to preserving the environment.

Kuyabeh is a place where nature, eco-technologies and ancestral wisdom give meaning to a project that puts forth the proposal of a life filled with conscious awareness.

We focus on creating a safe place, a sacred space that teaches us to live differently, a quiet environment that provides more than an investment opportunity: it is an invitation to transform our future with quality of life and a reality filled with natural wonders and, above all, peace.

We believe in the power of living infinitely connected with nature. We are dedicated to building a sanctuary that regards this space as a temple, faithfully believing in change, creating this project as a true possible future, a place where we break paradigms and transcend limiting beliefs. In the heart of the Mayan jungle, Kuyabeh offers a revolutionary philosophy of life guided by the love of nature, indoctrinating daily services with sustainable practices that lead us to live in

A sacred space that reconnects us with our soul, a place where containment and appreciation of being is what moves us every day. Our exclusive holistic area, located in the center of the beautiful lush jungle, becomes a healing space where we let the natural elements remind us of the origin of all. Our roots are nourished, and we begin to heal our body and spirit through the teachings left by our ancestors, thus healing us in a holistic manner.

Our vision of the future is guided by our ancestral knowledge, using eco-techniques that seek to complement an integral lifestyle without compromising the natural environment.


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