Ahimsa Selva Zama

Delivery date : Dec 2022
Last update : Nov 26, 2021
Starting from
US $ 144 000
Ahimsa Selva Zama
Neighbourhood : Selva Zama
City : Tulum
Province : Quintana roo
Country : Mexico
55 Units
0 Levels
HOA Fees : toBeDetermined

Property description

Energy flows like water, creating channels that connect our own light with the Earth’s and invite us to form bonds with it, that is why we give so much importance to the place where we live, because the earth is more than just land, it is a piece of the universe where you can form your own home. In Grupo Tsalach we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to find that connection with the cosmos, that is why we introduce Ahimsa, a macro project located in the magical area of Tulum, born from the success in sales of Dharma that will allow you to build your home without ties, in total
creative freedom from its planning to its execution and list of amenities. The celestial bodies are spelling your name, answer the call and discover all that you are destined to experience in Tulum.

It was born from the success of Mondo and Dharma, projects located within the prestigious community of SELVAZAMA. AHIMSA is a philosophical concept that advocates non-violence and respect for life. "Life expands or contracts in proportion to your desire to live it"
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  • Dog Park
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Paddle Court
  • Playground Area
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Security

Level plan